Little Soul Vittles

“When Laura Bridgman, deprived alike of hearing and of sight, was a small inmate of Doctor Howe’s Asylum for the Blind at Boston, her teacher one day made some reference to the soul.

A look of bewilderment overspread the girl’s face and she slowly spelled out on her fingers the question, ‘What is the soul?’ ‘The soul,’ replied Doctor Howe, in the complicated language used in dealing with blind mutes, ‘the soul is that which thinks and feels and hopes!’

A look of rare discernment mantled the blind girl’s face. ‘And is it,’ she immediately inquired with eager fingers, ‘is it that which aches so?'” (FW Boreham The Heavenly Octave)
Perhaps Laura had an advantage over most of us. We perceive being blind, deaf, and mute as being disabilities, but in her inabilities, she found an extraordinary ability that few people ever learn no matter how many degrees they might earn. For it is only when we shut up, block out all the noise, and close our eyes that we can truly hear what our soul is telling us.
You say you have no time? That is precisely the problem. We must make time. It will not be given to us. Take time today in silence, with no sounds, with no sights, with no cell phone or notifications, and listen to what your soul is saying. Does it ache? Does it hope? Does it yearn for something it hasn’t had in years? Then listen to what God is saying to your soul.