No miracles today? Not so fast, my friend.

The following is my written testimony of a miracle that took place back in November 2008. It is one example of many of how God is at work today.

On Sunday morning I decided I needed to wash my clothes instead of leaving them as a pile of colorful decor on the floor of my room. After a few loads I needed to add more items to complete a third load so as to not waste energy and water so I grabbed my coat and hastily threw it into the washing machine – without checking the pockets! An hour later I returned and moved my clothes into the dryer, when I noticed a small object lying on the bottom of the washing machine. It was my hearing aid! In a panic, I grabbed it, put in a new battery, and prayed that it still worked. It did not (though it was very clean and smelled like spring mountains – whatever that is). I could not find the other one and I prayed to God that it had fallen out of the pocket of my coat of which I suddenly remembered leaving them in upon my return from school the previous night. I prayed for God to help me find it, but it was nowhere in my room.

I can function with one hearing aid; in fact, the one I had already found only worked intermittently at best even before it “went for a swim” so I had learned to cope with having one. Losing both however would leave me helpless – especially in my line of work. (If you want to know what it is like, hold your hands over your ears and hum Jingle Bells as someone is talking to you and you will get a good idea of how much of the conversation I would be able to hear without hearing aids.) But God wanted me helpless so that He could show His glory.

Stressed and panicked, I prayed, crying out for wisdom or provision or something. Then I searched my room like the woman with the lost coin, but all I got for my efforts was a massive headache and a twitching eye from all the stress. I called my mom and asked where I should go since she had had experience buying my hearing aids when I was younger and when we were poorer. All of the options involved a lot of paperwork and lengthy payment plans, neither of which I could afford as a student and a worker still on the ground floor of my newly launched career as a counselor. She offered to call her friend whose daughter was an audiologist to see if I could get a good deal, but it seemed like a long shot.

She also suggested checking the drain for my other hearing aid. Sure enough, I found it in a rubber crevice inside the washing machine. As if one cycle wasn’t bad enough, it had gone through another one for good measure when I did another load after I thought I had searched it thoroughly enough. It was deader than a Texas salad bar. My heart dropped. I really thought that God would spare me from disaster by sparing one of my hearing aids, but He did not. I went to bed that night weak and afraid. I prayed one more time and experienced that “peace that surpasses all human understanding.” God told me, “Do not be afraid” and let me know that everything was taken care of and would be resolved “beyond anything I could imagine.” I went to sleep glad that I didn’t have to write the script for my answer to prayer; God’s script is always better.
The next day I woke up early. I was anxious and still confused as to what I should do. I turned on my computer and searched for the number where I got my previous hearing aids. As I was dialing the number, my phone began to ring. God’s timing is perfect. It was my mother. She also had awakened early and received a call from her friend’s daughter. She happened to have two brand new hearing aids that she had received from a vendor several months ago that she had no use for since she is not hard of hearing. All I had to do was go to her office and have them programmed properly. These are top-of-the-line and worth $5800 and cost me nothing! God’s grace is so much more than I had ever imagined. He not only provided, but he went WAY above what I needed.

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