Lesson From A Spider

Out of the corner of my eye, I saw movement. Was it a beetle? A moth? No, it was my worst nightmare. Trapped inside my car with a spider. Worst of all, I was driving so trying to kill it would probably get us both killed.

Naturally I pulled over. I cannot abide knowing a creature who could bite me is in my space. It hid inside a crevasse on the passenger side of the windshield. Napkin nor folder nor scraper nor any such instrument found success in exterminating this vile creature who dared invade my vehicle.

In the midst of my frantic and futile lunges, I saw in my mind’s eye a disapproving look on my wife’s face. She would not want one of God’s creatures destroyed even if it had me in a headlock. I tried to see this scary monster through her eyes.

It was remarkable how agile it was. Even when I thought my blow was square and true, the spider moved away unscathed.

I noticed its anatomy. He had color on his back. Was that an hourglass?! Closer examination revealed yellow on his back rather than all Satanic black as I first suspected. He was beautiful.

My thoughts shifted to God. This creature had a creator! God had weaved this spider inside its egg just as intricately as this spider now was weaving his webs. God gave him a pop of color as if to stamp his signature on his back for all to see.

Who was I to harm him?

That being said, my arachnophobia was not exactly cured. He can be beautiful- preferably from a distance. How was I to get him out of the car?

I prayed. The spider kept going the wrong way. I asked God if He wanted his creation to continue to reflect His beauty to provide a way of escape for the both of us. The spider disappeared.

I drove to my destination. Just as I parked, he reappeared beside the passenger window. I opened the window. He did not move. I pleaded with him, threatened him, and blew at him. He acted like I was speaking English at him. I grabbed a folder and managed to push him out. The automatic window never moved slower on its way back up.

I paused. God did answer my prayer. Or maybe He answered the spider’s prayer. God really does care about His creation.

Who do you treat like a spider? Every one is beautiful in spite of what they believe or do. A person with your exact opposite views on religion, politics, color, culture, college rival, or clown personality is not your enemy. Look for their beauty. God’s signature is on them. Even if they voted for Trump. Even if they voted for Hillary. Even if they didn’t vote. #stopthehate

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